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Two LAUTECH Graduates Perform Ogun’s First Brain Tumor Surgery Within 12hrs In FMC

It was a ground breaking operation for two medical graduates of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Bamidele Adebayo and Adetunbi Babatunde when they set a milestone record for successfully carrying out a 12 hours brain tumor surgery which was first of its kind in Ogun state.

The operation, which was conducted at the Federal Medical Centre, Idi-Aba in Abeokuta removed completely the tumor in a 57-year old transporter who reportedly has brain disorder due to self-medication.

It was gathered that the surgery which was led by the two neuro-surgeon consultants was a 12 hours marathon operation where series of brain tumors were removed from the patient.

Speaking with the two neuro-surgeon consultants after the successful operation of the brain, they described the experience as daunting, but, rewarding.

They added that the successful brain-open surgery was effected because of the facilities the hospital has provided for brain surgery operations.

The consultants however opined to do more of such operations in the nearest future, saying that the medical centre is a promising hospital for brain surgery operation.

According to Adebayo, It is a daunting experience, but, also rewarding, daunting in the sense that being the first brain tumor surgery in this hospital, it took a lot of organization and jumping a lot of hurdles before we were able to achieve that.

“The fact that the theater staff are doing that for the very first time was a brilliant task, there were times we felt like oh why did I do this and all other issues were there, but, by and large we were able to get the tumor out.

“We were exhausted, but, we are happy that we were able to get the tumor out completely, and the patient has improved significantly after the surgery.

“The scan we did after the surgery showed that there is no little of the tumor in the brain, he is very fine, I feel happy and fulfill.

“I will say that the MD, Prof. Musa Olomu is a very loving and caring person who has made a lot of changes in this hospital and I would say that this is a very promising hospital and we hope a lot of things will happen here since we are strategically located”.

Also, his partner, Adetunbi advised the people to restrain from self-medication and treatment.

He urged the public to always consult medical practitioners before taking drugs or injection when they are sick.

He said, “I would advise people to refrain from self-medication and self-treatment, they should try to see their general practitioner who will direct them to the appropriate specialist.

“It is was a cool experience, we are used to it, we are used to 18, 24 hours operations, but, it is quite interesting in operating 12 hours in Abeokuta for the first time.

“We have actually been operating brain patient in Abeokuta, but, this will be the first brain tumor that would be done and it is quite interesting that it was done successfully.

“I feel good and I feel we can do more if we get more, I want the federal government to put more resources in treatment of patient so as to achieve best result.”

Meanwhile, the 57-year old transporter, Sunday Ogunkola commended the Neuro-surgeons and the management of FMCA for ensuing that the tumor is removed from his brain.

Ogunkola claimed that self-medication and treatment led to the tumor, urging the people to desist from it.

He added, “I don’t know how I got here, but, I want to appreciate God for a successful operation. God used his hand through the surgeons to remove the turmoil from my brain and I commend the surgeons for a successful operation.

“You cannot be wiser than the medical practitioners, when you have problem with you brain, you must ensure you consult them.

“I am appealing to the people to desist from self-medication and treatment because the damages it is causing to our health might be beyond control”.

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Two LAUTECH Graduates Perform Ogun’s First Brain Tumor Surgery Within 12hrs In FMC
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